Privacy Policy

what information we collect

Personal information that we collect could vary, and is generally outlined in the contract and/or liability waiver you sign when you enter our facility and sign up. This information could include but is not limited to:

Contact details
  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone number(s)
  • Emergency contact information

Personal details
  • Date of birth
  • Gender identity

Financial and transaction data
  • Purchase history
  • Account information
  • Credit/debit card information
  • Billing information

How Your Information is Collected & Stored

When you enter our facility for the first time, you are required to fill out the Pre-exercise Screen to help us identify any safety issues and who is using our facilities. This form is used to collect your information and when completed and processed is stored behind reception in secure file storage. 

When members sign up using printed forms such as the Membership Agreement and Direct Debit Form, once processed these are also kept behind reception in secure file storage. 

If you sign up online, your personal information is stored in the Mindbody system and is covered by both this and Mindbody’s Privacy Policy. 

Your personal information is stored for the duration of your active membership or for the period of time that you access our facilities. 

If your membership expires or is terminated, or you have not been present within our facilities for over 3 months, your information will be destroyed via secure document destruction at a facility under Hustle Wellness Club’s parent company. Until it is destroyed, it will be held behind reception in secure file storage.

Why We Collect Your Personal Information

Your personal information is used to process your membership and for the unlikely event of an emergency. We are also able to correctly process membership fees and other transactions using stored financial information. 

Your information is unlikely to be disclosed to any other company or organization outside of Hustle Wellness Club, except where indicated in the Mindbody Privacy Policy and only within the grounds of both Mindbody’s and this Privacy Policy.

How You can Access Your Information

If you wish to view or alter your personal information, you can ask the team at reception or send an email to with your request.

how to lodge a complaint

If you think your information has been mishandled, you can lodge a complaint. This can be done by emailing us at

After you have outlined your complaint, the appropriate manager will be informed.

Your complaint will be handled with discretion and respect, and all complaints will be dealt with in a timely manner. After reviewing your complaint, the management team will contact you to inform you of the outcome and any disciplinary action that may arise as a result.



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